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Dekaron News & Events
Dekaron News List

2Moons dil:'Dekaron' Coming to Europe

GameTribe announced it has acquired the European license for Dekaron Dil GameHis free to play fusion-fantasy 3D MMORPG game Dekaron, known in North America as 2Moons. Set in a violent Middle Ages base..


Aloken will come to Global Dekaron

Aloken will come to Global Dekaron on Sep 17th with other new content !I am Alokens daughter, the elder who once governed the land of Trieste.[New Class]- AlokenThe Aloken`s spell magic contains skill..


Dekaron: Extremely Macabre Boss

GAMEHI has recently launched the third expansion called Dead Expeditionary Force (non-official translation) for Dekaron (American Version: 2Moons Dil) in Korea. The publishers in Japan, Tailand and Ch..


Dekaron Online-Euro GameInfo

Dekaron is a MMORPG published by Acclaim under the direction of David Perry. The game is an adaptation of Korean MMORPG Dekaron by Gamehi for the North American market, featuring a new story line by H..


Dekaron EUR service migration to GAMEHI

Dekaron EU presently hosted by GameTribe will be migrated to the new Dekaron Europe service, starting the same day and directly hosted by GameHi. GameTribe will no more offer Dekaron as a game of its ..


Dekaron Announces New World Of Rondow with New Update Available

Los Angeles, CA GameHi, Inc., the U.S. division of the blockbuster online games maker from Korea, GameHi Co., Ltd, announces the opening of Rondow, the highly anticipated new world in Dekaron, a free..


Dekaron: the Winter Update is Coming

This week, Gametribe will continue its winter wave of updates with the Premier Free-to-Play Action-based MMORPG Dekaron. Following the new Action 4: The Expedition Add-On, this Christmas update brings..


Dekaron: Basic Leveling Guide

This is my guide[Avian]on leveling in Dekaron.So first, for some people who might not want to read this whole thing at once, Ive broke it up in to sections, which you can find by copying and pasting t..


Dekaron Mage and Dead Front

Do you want to knw where to grind your mage of Dekaron ? Read teh following simple leveling location guide you will get the way ...1-20 Loa/Braiken Castle - North Morte/Are - DenebePretty straightforw..


Dekaron Sword and Some skill

Dekaron sword and shield knight wields can stand against everything , and they get very high survivability and high defense. But they are lowest based damage outputters, because the high defense is no..


Dekaron leveling spot guide

Below is the guide about leveling spot.If you have just started playing Dekaron, then this is the portion you should read.Hope it is useful for you.If you have more MMORPG guides or tips, you can send..


Being against a Azure Knight and hunter in Dekaron

As a Dekaron player, sometimes you may need Dekaron. The price is low. If you believe us, we will try our best to make service for you. Next we will provide some guides being against a Azure Knight an..


Description of Segnale in Dekaron

Players maybe know that Segnale in Dekaron is very important , So I collect this article from other site , Credits to the original author.By the way , We provide you the cheapest Dekarondil and most s..


Dekaron Review: Flashiness at its Finest

When I first laid eyes upon Dekaron (also known as 2Moons) it immediately struck me as a game that would be an onslaught of flashy skills, bloody enemies and females who also happen to have a part tim..


Fast Level Dekaron Mage

Here I will introduce you a guide for leveling mage of Dekaron , from level 27 to level 36 , please read it on...At lvl27 you get 3 new skills.Those skills include first 2 REAL aoes and first freeze s..


Dekaron:Segnale Skills guide

In Dekaron,Segnale can be Damage Dealer, can melee, can range, can magic damage. And they can tank, can heal, can buff, debuff. So I will Segnale skill guide to you.Hope it is helpful to you.By the wa..


Dekaron Pet System Guide

In Dekaron, you can have a pet. But you should use Pet system to get a pet. Before getting pet, you should read these information and know Dekaron Dil pet system.IntroductionPeople love pets, and so w..


The most anticipated F2P MMO opens its item shop

The merciless gamers are now able to enter the Dekaron item shop to equip their character and face epic adventures in the world of Trieste. In the shop youll be able to buy:new costumes to customize y..


Mount Guide for Dekaron Players

In Dekaron, you can adventure by your mount. But some Dekaron Dil beginners dont know how to Acquire and Use a Mount Token. So i collect these Dekaron Dil mount guide for them. Hope these information ..


Dekaron Instance Dungeons Tips

In MMORPGs, an instance dungeon is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy, or instance, of the dungeon map for each group that enters the area. This saves server work and ensur..


Dekaron summoner skill guide

This is Dekaron Vicious Summoner skill guide,if you are interested in it.just look through.Hopefully the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from it.I recommend you to choose Twin..


Dekaron Expedition Guide

Expedition system may be familiar to some Dekaron players. To some new Dekaron players, they may know little of it. So i collect this Dekaron Expedition system introduction. Hope this article can help..


Dekaron News

Gametribe reveal expansion plans for Free-to-Play MMO DekaronGametribe are pleased to announce that their Premier Free-to-Play Action-based MMORPG Dekaron Dil will be receiving its first major content..


Dekaron Basic Info2

Story Birth of TriesteIn the beginning of the earth, there were Chaos and Cosmos. Chaos created darkness, while Cosmos made light against it. Cosmos established a balance of the world by making space,..


Dekaron Basic Info

Dekaron is a fusion fantasy 3D MMORPG based on middle age European culture. Its realistic backgrounds and explosive action make this extraordinary game much like watching a hardcore action movie. You ..


An Honest Review of 2Moons

This is an honest review based on my experiences in 2Moons, having played it since launch and leveling well into the 100s.2Moons is a free to play game (with optional cash shop) distributed by Acclaim..


Dekaron: Feature Added

Game IntroductionDekaron is a free-to-play action MMORPG developed by GameHiBased in Seoul, South Korea, GameHi is specialized in developing online MMORPG and FPS games with cutting edge technology, g..


Dekaron Hunter Guide

This Dekaron Hunter guide.I think they may be useful for some of you. So i post it here and hope they can help some of you.Hello, Here is how i got too level 70 without reSkilling or Stating Basically..


Stats Guide for Every Class

recently i played taiwan dekaron to find out the class i wanna be... so i have like lvl 15 of each classhere are the builds that most people recommand... recommanded builds are good for PVE and PVP.....


Dekaron Race Introduction

Dekaron have six types of race. And each of that have their characteristic. We will introduce them at the following content.Dekaron Dil or Dekaron Gold ? Dont forget thewww.dekarondil.com.


Dekaron Guide: Hunter - AoE Leveling Location Guide

Dekaron is about: Official Dagger Hunter AoE Spots by Level , which the author of is caycarem. Thanks for the authors effort. The article is as follows:30-34:Heihaf penril knights. start from shrine, ..


Dekaron Starts Final Operation in SEA

MMORPG Dekaron today is officially launching its final operation. Dekaron Dilwill be published in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei.These days GameHi has had a lot move for MMORPGs, if you a..


Gametribe launches Action 4 content update for Dekaron

MMORPG Dekaron has today received it first free expansion pack, Action 4: The Expedition.Dekaron Dil.Dekaron Dilservers, our players are going to have a great time soaking up the new content on offer ..


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