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Dekaron Dil>>News2009 >> Aloken will come to Global Dekaron
Aloken will come to Global Dekaron

Aloken will come to Global Dekaron on Sep 17th with other new content !

I am Aloken’s daughter, the elder who once governed the land of Trieste.         

[New Class]

- Aloken

The Aloken`s spell magic contains skills which are useful for oneself and for the party. The skills are classified by two types, attack-type and assault-type. The attack-type spell magic is triggered by a certain Dekaron Dil percentage when attacking the enemy, the assault-type spell magic is also triggered at a certain percentage but when being attacked by the enemy.

The Alokens are the god-folks who once ruled the lands of Trieste. Armed with spears and guardarms, they are never left out of wars. They are a Dekaron Dil hybrid class who endows various kinds of spell magic. Besides their superior skills in using the spear, they also use fencing skills with the sword of light, created by magic, which is advantageous in close range combats. The spell magic they use are based on their extensive knowledge and long time of research.

The Aloken`s stats are basically invested in Dexterity and Spirit. Although, by investing the rest of the Dekaron Dil Stats in Strength, you can make up for its weak Defense and HP. The Aloken character is not strong with the basic attacking skills. However, it shows great abilities in hunting and also PVP when using its spell magic wisely.

 Armor - Normal Type: / Legend Type:

- Meltiria: Level 2 ~ 6 / - Neishila: Level 46 ~ 50

- Melt: Level 14 ~ 18 / - Alonia: Level 58 ~ 62

- Canna: Level 27 ~ 37 / - Magnoja: Level 82 ~ 90

- Chaprin: Level 40 ~ 44

- Violet: Level 52 ~ 56

- Opana: Level 64 ~ 68

- Liquer: Level 76 ~ 80

- Nemofila: Level 88 ~ 82

- Humberto: Level 100 ~ 108

[New System]

- Auction

Commission center system added Dekaron Dil so you can now “search/buy” items which are registered through stores.

You can enter the commission center via the commission center NPCs located in each city map.

Location: Braiken Castle, Victor

NPC: Loa Castle, Muras

 [UI Changes]

- Quick Slot

Existing 4 Quick Slots Expanded to 6 Quick Slots.

- Skill Shortcut Slot

Existing 9 by 4s Changed to 12 by 2s.

* Already created character`s skill Dekaron Dil shortcut slots will be initialized, you must register it again.


- Dead Front superlative region “Doom” added

Required Level : Level 151 higher

Fortress Voucher Exchange NPC : Hermas in Chain of Fire

Required Item : Fortress Voucher [Ark]

Registry NPC : Logen

Existing required level of Deadfront `Ark`changed to 131~150.

 - What’s Difference from the old version?

* The EXP curve has been flexibly changed. It means obtaining EXP will be much easier and your Dekaron Dil character level-up will be faster than the old version of EU Dekaron.

* New Veteran’s Talisman will be available on Global Dekaron.


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